Monday, April 10, 2017

"Old Goat" Decanter Passed on to Oldest Active Duty USNA Graduate

Retired Admiral Cecil D. Haney presented the "Old Goat" decanter to the commander of U.S. Pacific Command Admiral Harry B. Harris Saturday, designating him the oldest USNA graduate still on active duty.

Retired Adm. Cecil D. Haney (right) presents the "Old Goat" decanter
to Adm. Harry B. Harris in Memorial Hall.

The decanter is engraved with the initials and class years of previous Old Goats (which include Admiral Alton L. Stock, former USNA Superintendent Vice Admiral Mike Miller, and former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert.)


  1. How can you push this story w/o noting his class year?

    1. Both ADM Haney and ADM Harris are class of 1978.

  2. What about CAPT Owen Thorpe '77? He is on the USNA staff.

  3. Capt Jim Campbell '73 is also on USNA staff and wears his uniform as an Ethics prof, but is actually retired. Capt Scott Haney '73 is MC and still on acdu but had broken service. I expect the criteria is oldest on continuous acdu.

  4. I think the real story here is that he's turning over an empty bottle of booze.

  5. Wonder if it will be PC if/when the "Old Goat" is a female? Might be deemed offensive!

  6. Good questions... Wikipedia offers the following: Female goats are referred to as "does" or "nannies;". Neither sounds very flattering.