Friday, October 30, 2015

USNA '78 Grad VADM Tidd Nominated for 4th Star

Congratulations, VADM Kurt W. Tidd (USNA '78), who was officially nominated for his 4th star and assignment as commander of U.S. Southern Command yesterday!

Once confirmed, that will give the great class of 1978 four active duty admirals:

ADM Kurt W. Tidd
ADM Mark E. Ferguson
ADM Cecil D. Haney
ADM Harry B. Harris Jr.

Only four other classes in USNA's history have had four or more 4-star admirals serving on active duty. (While other classes had more than four, many of them were meritorious promotions at the time of retirement.)

Class of 1897
ADM Orin G. Murfin
FADM William D. Leahy
ADM Arthur J. Hepburn
ADM Harry E. Yarnell
ADM Thomas C. Hart

Class of 1927
ADM George W. Anderson Jr.
ADM Charles D. Griffin
ADM Ulysses S. G. Sharp Jr.
ADM John S. Thach

Class of 1933
ADM Charles K. Duncan
ADM Ignatius J. Galantin
ADM Thomas H. Moorer
ADM Waldemar F.A. Wendt

Class of 1973
ADM John C. Harvey
ADM Eric T. Olson
ADM Gary Roughead
ADM Robert F. Willard

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